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by Admin on April 21, 2011

SURFCAM V5.1 has been published to the world. This publish of SURFCAM, which is accessible to whatever users that were suitable to function V5, bears additional includes and functionality than any preceding service pack of SURFCAM of all time prior to.

SURFCAM V5.1 provides newly features specified: Machine Simulation choice, 3-axis Multi-Cut, enchanced TRUEMill Multi-tool Support with TSRM (TRUEMill Step Reduction Milling) Technology, STL Machining, plus much added. SURFCAM V5.1 is as well available for download as a Free Student/demonstrate Learning version and so users can valuate the software package or polish up on their skills.

SURFCAM is now accessible to the populace in multiple languages. This all-powerful point publish bears newly options, better translators, TRUEMill multi-tool support with TSRM (TRUEMill Step Reduction Milling), and across two hundred corrections.

With the SURFCAM V5 Series, Surfware is proffering a FREE Student/Demo Learning Version for anyone to function. This can be downloaded after registering with Surfware. Click here to register and download copy of the SURFCAM Student Demo/Learning Version! SURFCAM is at present compatible with SolidWorks 2011

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