Flying realistic for $86,000 USD : jetpack

by Admin on March 20, 2011

Shortly the first of all commercially available jetpack will arrive at the marketplace and as long as you have made $86,000 to spare, nothing stands in your path of buying one. You do not still require a airplane pilot licence.

Manufactured by carbon fibre complex, the Martin Jetpack weighs 250 pounds (leaving out safety equipment) and is five foot high by 5.5 foot in width by 5 foot long. Gizmag reports it is driven by a 2.0 L V4 2 stroke engine rated at two hundred HP (150 kilowatt) and 2 1.7 ft wide rotors prepared from carbon/Kevlar composite. It keeps going normal gasoline, can achieve heights of 8,000 ft and has a maximal flight time of 30 minutes.

Martin Aircraft states that as sales and output volume gain they anticipate the $86,000 to drop down to the cost of a mid-range motorcar. As Per to Gizmag, a 10 percent deposit buys you a product time slot for twelve months hence; progress payments are made during construct with payoff due on delivery.


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mitch April 24, 2011 at 2:41 am

Cool story!


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