11 Most common WordPress search engine optimization mistakes

by Admin on December 28, 2010

The pursuance for a SEO-friendly blog or internet site is single all webmaster cares he could appropriate. The fact, all the same, is that in our first pursuit to find out complete we can just about search engine optimization, a lot of us bring in slips.

We believe we are serving ourselves as we’re, actually, not serving Google to discover or dearest our sites. Here are a couple of slips you will prefer to void.

  1. Do not point keywords point markets

  2. Consolidate the center and purpose of your pages

  3. Do not non- proportionally Rely on Your Home Page

  4. Traffic mustiness turn of search engine optimization is a consider Point

  5. Perform your search and figure out what folks are actually looking for

  6. Blog description should complete reverberate your basic keyword phrase

  7. Make a sitemap for a WordPress blog utilising the XML-sitemap plugin

  8. Linking to relevant pages from your posts

  9. Attempt bringing the keyword phrase at the top

  10. Be sure that titles on every posts and pages are decently formatted

  11. Use nofollow for external links

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