10 Best Forums for Printer Maintenance and Troubleshooting

by Admin on November 27, 2010

Having trouble with your printer and would rather fix it yourself instead of taking it to an expensive repair shop or calling the factory? Then the Internet is the answer, where numerous troubleshooting forums can give you answers to just about any type of printer problem. Here is a list of just some of the forums that can be found on the Internet.

  1. Vista Forums: Not only does this site offer comprehensive solutions to numerous printer problems, but it also offers solutions on a wide array of problems related to just about every aspect of a computer.
  2. Printer Forums: Just about every printer problem for every printer brand can be found at this site. This site is dedicated exclusively to printers and their problems; from smeary printouts to jammed toner cartridges to problems with sending faxes, this site has it all. So give them a visit and have your printer up and running again.
  3. Fix Your Own Printer: Unlike other printer troubleshooting sites, Fix Your Own Printer is a site designed and run by specialists who can answer any question you have.
  4. Tech Support Forum: This site offers solution to numerous printing problems as well as just about any question concerning your computer, networking, or hardware. Pay them a visit and see what they can help you with.
  5. Firm Tools: Firm Tools is a site dedicated exclusively to photo printers and the problems you can encounter: from not recognizing your camera to photos not printing properly, this site can administer to any problems you encounter while using your photo printer.
  6. Computer Hope: For those with simple printer and other hardware problems, this is the site for you. It offers basic and simple solutions for all your printer problems. So instead of looking through tons of postings about complex problems, check out Computer Hope and set your problems behind you.
  7. Open Suse: The folks at Open Suse are ready to answer all your printer needs. Any problem you have can and will be addressed by the people at Open Suse. Stop by and give them a try.
  8. Encore USA: Encore USA can answer any and all of your printing needs. Ranging from basic to complex, you will find the answers you need. Ask your question and get solutions.
  9. Contribs: Forget taking your printer to an expert that will only charge you an arm and a leg. Instead, visit Contribs for all your printer solutions. You will find quick and easy solutions so you can get back to work.
  10. Tech Arena: All your printer and hardware problems are just waiting to be addressed at Tech Arena. From the miniscule to the enormous, all of your questions will be answered so you can go about living your life.

The above websites will help you answer and fix any problems your printer encounters. So forget taking your printer to a workshop. Visit these sites instead for quick, money saving solutions.

This is a post by James Adams who is a writer and analyst at a leading print cartridge store where he contributes posts about art, design and gadgets to their blog, the CreativeCloud.

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