8 Best Apps for Printing From Your iPad

by Admin on September 2, 2010

The ongoing evolution of the iPhone and the iPad has made the need to be able to print from these mobile devices a necessity – or at least a really cool and useful feature. Your laptop resembles a dinosaur more and more with each passing day, right? Your iPad won’t print straight from the box but quite a few apps now exist to make it happen. The kinks have been mostly worked out and these apps are incredibly functional. Here are the 8 best apps for printing from your iPad.

1. Print n Share [$8.99]

The name tells the story here. Eurosmartz has produced a winning app that allows iPad users to print most anything using a WiFi printer or Mac/PC attached to a printer. Store, view and print email, photos, attachments, web pages, contacts, documents and files.

2. Print Online for iPad [$4.99]

This app specializes in pictures but offers much more. Print MS Word docs, PDF, Power Point, JPEG, Excel sheets, contacts, files and more. This app also enables iPad users to fax documents and that will come in handy on a regular basis. The setup is lengthy but the performance is very good.

3. Epson iPrint [Free]

Epson wants you to get the most out of their printers and this app will help. It only prints photos but it features a quick and easy setup with smooth usability. It is a highly rated freebie!

4. PrinterShare [Free]

Be patient on the install and setup but once you are familiar with this app you’ll love its versatility. It enables you to print a whole range of file types remotely using wireless internet and allows multiple users to be doing the same thing, all with one network printer. It’s free, if not always easy.

5. Print Magic [$6.99]

Designed for the iPhone it is compatible with the iPad and a wide range of printers. Use it for remote printing of web pages, documents and pictures, which you can first edit.

6. Air Sharing HD [$10]

This choice app offers remote printing and a whole lot more. Print your documents, files, PDF’s, web pages, emails and more. Perfect for file sharing of all kinds, too. This full-scale suite of apps is all yours for a -spot.

7. DocPrinter [$5.99]

Another app that offers robust file sharing but also enables you to print remotely. Straightforward setup and good organization assists as you print files, photos, web pages, documents, contacts and contact lists.

8. ACTPrinter [$1]

This one is unique and therefore worth a mention though it is not technically a print app. It’s more of a reverse print app. This PDF file-maker “prints” PDF’s to your iPad screen, a perfect way to access the to-do list you left behind or read just about any other content from your computer. Even scan coupons and reverse print them to your i-device. The bar code can actually be read right from the iPad screen.

Why Apple didn’t add a print function to the iPad in the first place perhaps only Steve knows. But these apps render the question moot. Get more done when on the go; have more fun by sharing photos on the fly. Just two ways these apps will prove their value.

James Adams is a full time blogger and tech analyst who writes about advertising, art and print design for an store specialising in toner cartridges where much of his working day is spent writing reviews of new hardware like the MLT-D1082S.

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